Friday, 12 September 2014


This week my thoughts have turned to my course that I will be starting soon at uni. I've been given a reading list from my tutor to have a look through, these books will help me get into the right frame of mind for the course and get my into the 'illustration way of thinking'. Fortunately, I remembered taking one of the books out of my local library a while ago, so I went back to get it and I'm attempting to make a start. The book is 'Drawing Projects: an exploration of the languages of drawing' by Mick Maslen and Jack Southern. I will be following my progress through this book over the coming weeks on my blog where I hope to see some improvement in my drawing skills!

The first project in the book is based around Control, but rather than helping you exercise more control over the drawings, the activities do the opposite by taking away your control. At first I found this irritating and it took a while to get used to having no control, but after this I found that it was very refreshing to be less 'precious' about a drawing and let go, it was a wonderful feeling!

 My first two drawings were created using a 40cm long stick with a pencil sellotaped to the end. I stood away from the easel which allowed me to keep my arm outstretched (My arm got very tired throughout this!) so I could create big, sweeping marks on the page that came from the movement of my shoulder.
The next two drawings were made sitting down, which meant I was closer to the easel, so the movements aren't as big. I found myself using quick scribbly movements to create shading, as I didn't have enough control on the pencil to shade properly.

 And finally, this last drawing was made using two pencils taped together. I found this the most difficult of the drawing techniques, as it seemed impossible to include detail without spoiling somewhere else on the page! Eventually (with much difficulty) I got the hang of it, and I am fairly pleased with this drawing.

This drawing project really took me out of my comfort zone, and taught me to relax when drawing, not every sketch has to be perfect. I'm excited to see what other challenges lie ahead in this book, and I plan to have another go soon. Thanks for reading.

Emily x

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