Thursday, 30 October 2014


I thought it was about time to give you a tour of my room, I've been here for a month now and I'm nicely settled in. Like any room at uni, mine's tiny, but I've tried my best to make it feel as homely as possible by decorating it with things that make me happy.

I want to say a little about my flatmates before I get into talking about my actual room. I'm so lucky to have such a brilliant and diverse group of people to live with, we're all supportive of each other and are very driven people which is probably why we get along so well. These people have made my first six weeks here absolutely brilliant!!

I have an obsession with dream-catchers, I think they're just so magical, especially the feathers and charms that some of them have. The fairy lights aren't a Christmas decoration, I've just always had them in my room, even at home, they brighten up even the darkest corners of a room.

I love my collection of photographs on my wall, most of them are from my film camera of festivals and of me and my friends on the shore, this is my favourite place in the world and it serves as a reminder for me to never forget where I came from. I don't know if you can see it on the photograph, but hanging on the back of my chair is the jumper I picked up at one of the vintage shops in town called Nutshell Vintage (check them out here) I love this jumper and had my eye on it for ages!

Lastly, I want to talk about Jimmy, my cute little cactus on the windowsill who has been my companion while being at uni. He's my proof that if I can keep him alive I'll be perfectly fine living on my own.

More soon,

Emily x

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